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(Explicit) Own Your SH*T Auto Repair Shop Owners


Own Your SH*T by Rick White, President 180BIZ

If you got our messages, emails, or texts, you're going to notice that the word of the week is “Crap.” That is actually not the word I wanted to use. I wanted to use the word “shit.” Brenda and Shannon both nixed the word. So, they said I can use the word “crap” or” poop.” And I said, fine! I’ll use “crap.” The reason I said “shit,” is to get your attention. What I want to talk to you about is Own Your Shit. And as a coach, that's one of the things that I do is help business owners own their shit.

So, I was recently talking to a shop owner that was at the end of their business.  The business wasn’t successful. They were blaming the last event as the reason for its failure. I respectfully disagreed. That event was the final nail in the coffin. It was the last straw. The final straw on the camel's back. But I am telling you straight up, that is not what caused the business to fail. The reason was bad decisions throughout the time.  It was not owning your shit.  This is where you step back and look at where you are now. You might think, “this is where I am, and it sucks.” Own it and don’t blame. We're not a victim of circumstance. We are not going to play the fall guy. You must step back and say, “this is where I am. And this is not where I want to be.”

Understand a few things. (1) If you're in a place you're not happy with, own it. “I'm not happy. I want to be somewhere else. This is not where I want to be.” Remember, where you are is not who you are. Please get that. We tell ourselves stories all the time and we're putting up blame, excuses, and denial instead of owning our shit and making it better. I struggle with it too. I struggle with it personally. I struggle with it sometimes in my business as well. It is a human condition. It's not something you're doing wrong. But what I'm telling you is the few that really succeed, do it by owning their shit. They succeed because they own where they, they own the fact that they're there. They own that.

It's up to them to make a difference, there are too many people out there that are unhappy with where they are. They sit there and they'll blame everything or everybody but themselves. And then they sit there and they wait for something or someone to rescue them. And that is not going to work. If you are in hell, if you are unhappy with where you're at it in any area of your life, understand these 10 words. If it is to be, it is up to me. It is time to step up. It is time to own where you're at. Don't internalize it don't make it part of your identity. Failure is simply a lesson. Stop looking at making the right decision or the wrong decision. Make the best decision. Own where you are. Own your shit. When you recognize that you are the cause, you're going to realize that you are the cure.

Stop blaming, stop making excuses, stop denying. Own where you're at and come up with a plan to make it better. And so what if the plan is scary. I get it. And if the plan doesn't work, that's okay. It just means you're getting smarter about how to deal with stuff.  That’s all.

Henry Ford said that failure is the opportunity to get begin again more intelligently. That's what this is about. So, I need you to own your shit. I have never met anyone that was completely happy with every area of their life. It's time to own it. It doesn't mean live with it. It means to own it and fix it. You are the cure.

God bless, stay safe, and go make some money.


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