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Life is Easy

Who ever told you life was supposed to be easy? Or fair? And yet easy and easier are the main focus of many a day like easy is an entitlement. Looking for the easy way out, wanting to live on easy street, and easy come; easy go. Here’s the thing though, life was never meant to be easy. 

Life is supposed to challenge, teach, and help us to become better. It’s only when we get better at something through growth that a task becomes easier. I guarantee you that anything you see someone doing that looks easy wasn’t when they started. People that look like they’re living on easy street busted their butt to improve themselves, help others, and become successful. But here’s the thing, no one ever truly makes it. There are stories all around us of people from the outside looking in that have it all; that they’ve arrived at success and truly made it. 

You can think of people that seemed to have the world by the scruff and yet fell apart after achieving some success. Maybe it’s because they saw the success they achieved as the end destination and were disappointed that’s all there was. Haven’t you ever been really excited about achieving something and then when you actually arrived experienced a letdown? That’s normal. Now just like the people you thought of, you need a new goal, a new dream to motivate you and push you forward.

Life is a mosaic filled with ups and downs, joys and sorrows, successes and failures all designed to help us find the best we can be. It’s what we concentrate on and focus that determines the quality of our lives and the GREATNESS we get to experience. Be GREAT today!

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