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Learning Your Lessons

You want more from your life and that is fantastic! You’ll never feel more alive and engaged in the moment than when you’re pushing yourself to grow. Lessons are a natural part of that growth and are there to help you BE more in order to HAVE more. The funny this is, no one is exempt from these lessons, especially those that are trying to just get by and fly under life’s radar. See, I believe that each and every one of us is put on this earth to travel a lifelong path of learning and enlightenment, helping those around us cope and grow along the way.

Life is awesome because it keeps teaching you the same lesson until you finally get it. When you learn that lesson and grow, there is another lesson on the other side of this one that helps you become more. I recently came across a wonderful concept on these lessons of life that I’d like to share and expound on a bit this morning. This concept is called, “The feather, the brick, and the truck.” 

Each lesson starts out as a feather gently touching you and inviting you to learn. An article that you read, an idea that you get, advice that you are given are all examples of a feather. The lesson presents itself in a very easygoing manner and invites you to learn and apply this knowledge. So you can either learn the lesson or ignore it; it’s your choice.

If you ignore the feather, life comes back to you with a brick. The choices you’ve made and are making are leading you down a bad path, so life hits you up the side of your head with a brick to wake you up and get you to learn the lesson you need to learn. Getting results that are less than desirable and feeling some discomfort from those results is an example of a brick. Life’s showing you that you need to learn more to become more. So now you either learn the lesson or you fall into the trap of placing blame for this pain on someone or some circumstance instead of taking responsibility for your situation. Blame is a low intelligence activity and does nothing to improve the situation; YOUR SITUATION! Ultimately, once again, it’s your choice.

If you don’t learn from the brick, life comes at you with a truck! That’s right, you get run over. The consequence of your decisions is the truck. This is a life altering and defining consequence. It’s over; there is nothing more to do than lick your wounds, reflect on what happened and hopefully learn. Blame is a real concern here because if you blame, you deflect responsibility, learn nothing, and the cycle begins all over again.

Some of you are waiting for the time in your life when you’re FINALLY problem-free so you can really start to live. The reality in your life and my life though is that you and I will always have some problem or challenge to conquer. The only people problem-free are in the cemetery and I don’t know about you, but I am in no hurry to get there! The cool thing about problems is they are an indicator of your growth. If you’re dealing with the same problems as last year, you haven’t grown! Let me say that again because it’s really important: If you’re dealing with the same problems this year that you had last year, you haven’t grown! So that means when you have new and bigger problems, you’re growing.

So let your GREATNESS shine today and let’s make some NEW MISTAKES today!

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