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Later is Not the Auto Repair Shop Owner's Friend


Later is Not Your Friend by Rick White, President 180BIZ

In the last episode, I talked about good enough and how dangerous that term is for your business and your life.  Good enough is the steppingstone to mediocrity and not one of us is ever going to create the businesses that we want by being mediocre. Step up and go for that Plus One mentality that I talked about.  I want to tell you something very simple in this episode.  Later is not your friend. Please listen to this. Saying, “I'll do it later” is a dangerous mindset. You are creating stress and tension in your life because you're procrastinating.

But later is sometimes it's appropriate. Most of us say, “Later” emotionally. Listen to this hack I’m going to give you.  I want you to say, “I'm going to do it later because…” and then give a reason. And make sure it's the truth. Yesterday,  I said I was going to start doing some exercises. And I said, “oh, I'll do it later.” If I finished that sentence I’ll find out that it’s because I didn't feel like it. And that's where we get into trouble. Your emotions are indicators. Your emotions are gauges. They're giving you feedback on how you're interacting with the world around you. That is what your emotions are there to do. Please do not allow them to drive the car.

Don’t allow them to drive the car of your life. So, if you find yourself saying, “I don't want to do this because I don't feel like it,” step back and think five or ten years down the road. If you don't ever do it, what's the result going to be? If I don't exercise, I'm going to be in trouble. I have to exercise every day for me to keep up my physicality to where I want it to be. And I hope you understand that. It’s the same for you. Now, if you're saying to yourself, “I'll do it later because it's not the most important thing to do,” that’s okay because you have a plan.

I'm going to do it later because it's not the most important thing to do. Put it on your to-do list. And then you can pull it up later when it's time. So really quick, stay away from “I'll do it later or I’ll do it tomorrow” because one of the disconnects in businesses is what I call the mirror of accountability.  What I mean by that is when you tell me you're going to do something, I hold you accountable for the results. Did you do it or not? That's accountability. However, when I do it to myself when I am self-accountable, I don't hold myself accountable for the results. I hold myself accountable for the intentions and that's a disconnect and it causes you pain in your life and in your business.

So instead, hold yourself accountable for the results. So here's what I'm doing. I'm going to hang up here when I'm finishing up with you and I'm going to exercise and gain momentum. So, remember, later is not your friend. I hope you got this… later is not your friend. The two terms that really hurt you from a conserving energy perspective are good enough and later I'll do it later. I'll do it tomorrow. So I'm going to ask you to stop doing both of those things. I'm going to ask you to step up and push yourself so that you do things today that other people aren't willing to do so you can have things tomorrow that other people can't.

God bless, stay safe and go make some money.

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