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For Auto Repair Shop Owners Who Can't Decide


Indecision by Rick White, President 180BIZ

You’re going down a path and then get to a point where you can go left or you can go right. It’s a decision point. Indecision is when you're stuck at that fork in the road not moving. Where does indecision come from? Indecision comes from fear. It comes from the fear of making a wrong decision. I want to address that because indecision leads to doubt. Doubt erodes self-confidence. You can end up stuck in the same spot for years and years. I did this thing at my most recent RIC LIVE event called two truths in a lie. At the end of this, I will give you at least two truths in a lie.

Understand that indecision is very dangerous. It's all because you feel the need to make the “right” decision. There's no such thing as a right decision. There's no such thing as the wrong decision. You want to make your best decision. Making a decision that's less than desired is not fatal. It's feedback. Never make the same decision twice. So, you’re at the fork, stuck.  Then you start going down the left leg. Then you begin to doubt yourself. That’s what indecision creates, doubt. Then you wonder if it’s the wrong decision. So, you come back and go down the right leg. The key is to make one decision. Never make the same decision twice. But you may ask, “But Rick, what if I'm not going the right way? What if I'm not going the way that's getting me the result I want.” That's not the same decision.

Remember what I just said? It’s not fatal, it’s feedback. So you're getting feedback from where you're going. You're not happy with where that is. Now it's a new decision because you have new information. See people think making a decision is a straight line.  It’s not.  You can zig-zag all over the place as you gain feedback along the way until you find the best way and it gets you on track. It’s not a straight line. Each one of those little zigs and zags is a lesson.

Think about this. You have a decision to make.  You think “Oh my God, what if it’s the wrong one?” Feel the stress build up. Now I come to you and say, “There’s no such thing as right or wrong. Just best. What's the BEST decision for you today?” Can you feel the stress and the pressure go down? It happens every time. Everything can change. You can change your mind. You can change your path. The only thing written in stone is your grave marker. That's it. Everything else in your life you can change. So don't feel like your decisions are concrete and you have to stick with them for the rest of your life. It doesn't work that way.

So, what are some things I want you to do?

  1. Think “BEST” decision. Then you can make another decision because “best” is always going to change.
  2. Never make the same decision twice.
  3. And then the last thing I want you to hear is from Brenda. And she heard it from her friend Tamsen.  Tamsen says, “You’re not carrying the nuclear codes.”

I've given you three truths. The first truth is it's not fatal. It's feedback. The second truth is don't make the same decision twice. Readjust and get a new way to go. But the lie we tell ourselves is we put so much weight on “failing” that we're afraid to move forward.  Remember, you’re not carrying the nuclear codes. You can go down a certain road, see it doesn't work and you can turn onto a different road. The other way.

When was the last time you were stuck with indecision? When was the last time you had a decision that you just haven't pulled the trigger on yet? Are you making it bigger than it seems? Those are all lies that fear is telling you. Why don't you just step back and say, “Hey man, what's the best decision today.” That’s all. What's the best decision right now? Stop getting stuck in indecision. You're preventing yourself from learning. That's the beauty of making these decisions. If you're in a spot that you don't like, it's your decisions and choices up to this point that got you there. If you're not happy where you're at, make different decisions and choices and you can turn your life around quickly. Don't let indecision stop you. You don't let indecision fool you.

What's the best decision for today? It's not fatal. It's feedback. Don't make the same decision twice. You must have confidence in yourself. Not necessarily that you will make the right choice, but no matter what choice you make, you can make it better. M

Take care, stay safe, have fun, and go make some money.