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Engagement Isn't Just About Weddings

leadership Jun 19, 2017

When you get this blog post this morning, I hope you’re taking a break from a busy day at work to read it. When I say the word work, what does that mean to you? I’ve found that the satisfaction you experience from what you do is determined by your level of engagement. There are three levels of engagement. How engaged are you in what you do?

  • Level 1. You have a job. This is the lowest level of engagement where you’re trading time for money. You show up on time and you leave on time. You do only what you have to in order to keep your job in between. Even though you’re there physically; mentally and emotionally, you’re a million miles away. You don’t like what you do but don’t feel like you can change because this is what you’re used to.
  • Level 2. You have a career. This is the middle level of engagement where you’ve committed to becoming the best at what you do. You read, watch, and listen to anything that helps you get better at what you do. You show up early to get a jump on the day and you’ll stay late if you need to in order to hit the targets you’ve set that confirm you’re the best. You’re completely engaged physically and mentally with what you do. Just like Level 1 however, Level 2 is focused on you. You crave the success and spoils that being the best will bring.
  • Level 3. You have a calling. This is the highest level of engagement where you realize the difference you can make in the lives of others. Coworkers and customers alike benefit from you being around. You still hunger to be the best but now it’s so you can help and serve others. You’re fully engaged physically, mentally, and emotionally. Your focus is no longer on what you can get as it was in Level 1 and Level 2; now all you want to do is help others. The funny thing is when you decide to operate at this level, you’ll see more success as a byproduct of what you do here than you ever could chasing success at the other two levels.

What you do every day and how you do it is a choice. Decide today to make what you do your calling and show the world just how AMAZING you are!

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