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Daily Dose Episode 61


Brotherhood by Rick White, President 180BIZ

 Today I'm wearing a different shirt. It is from Swanley Garage Services and Simply Diag. This shirt was a gift from a friend that I met at ASA super Saturday in Pennsylvania. His name is Edward Grig and owns a shop in London. He came out from London English to ASA super Saturday where he and I met. I also met his beautiful wife, Zoe. That was back in October. Ed and I became friends on Facebook. Right about the beginning of the year, he messaged me and said, “Hey, I signed up for vision.”

“I signed up for your classes. What's your shirt size?” Thank you so much to Ed for the shirt. And the reason why I'm wearing this today is because I want to talk about brotherhood. Any female shop owners that are watching today understand that brotherhood is not a gender-based thought process. I just couldn't think of a better word. What I want you to think about though is that we all have a brotherhood in this industry, and this is not something that you should be going through alone. This is something where you should be tapping into your fellow brothers and sisters that own shops. The reason why I'm saying this is because there's too many people that are just skimming by and feeling like they made enough money to pay the bills this month.

They made enough to get by this month. No, no, no. As I said yesterday, it is time to set a goal for 2020. It is time to step up and create something amazing because it is what you do today that creates your certainty tomorrow. I said that yesterday and honestly it's brilliant, so I'm going to say it again today. I want you to understand that what you do today is going to create the certainty you're looking for. Stop letting external certainty dictate what you believe is possible in your business. You've must step up and start to think bigger. So maybe you need to review pricing. Maybe you need to look at different things that you've been doing that aren't working anymore and make a change. You don't have to do it alone. You should belong to an association. I believe so strongly in associations and we support them any way we know how.

Some associations have moved to virtual regional meetings. I encourage you to join a local chapter. You need to be able to share what you're going through and your challenges and ask for help. Get together with other people and benefit from that wisdom, that collective wisdom. So, I want you to think networking. I want you to think of all the people that you've met throughout the years. When was the last time you reached out and talk to them? Now I'm kind of blessed. I had a shop, I realized the benefit of associations a long time ago from a shop owners perspective. And it's not just the dues I pay. It's the benefits I get from that association and it's the people I meet.

The relationships that I create. That is what's going to make a difference in your business, in your outlook, in your expectations. Because there are shops out there killing it right now, having the best year they've ever had and your just getting by. Why do you think that is? It's I'm going to tell you why. The reason is quite simple. Go look in the mirror. That's the issue. So listen, step back, remember the brotherhood that you are a part of. And if you're doing great, reach out and help some of those that aren't doing quite as well. And then on the flip side, for those of you that need help, don’t think it's a sign of weakness to ask for help. I promise you it isn't. I promise you that it is a strength. There's this old Chinese proverb that says, a fool that asks questions is a fool for five minutes, a fool that refuses to ask questions is a fool for a lifetime. So, step up, learn, grow. I appreciate you all. I want to say thank you. Have a great weekend. Go make some money today. Go make a difference. Be the difference in someone's life. Take care. God bless.

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