Auto Repair Shop Owner's Daily Dose 15: The Most Important Question

180biz covid-19 daily dose episode 015 video blog Mar 30, 2020

The Most Important Question by Rick White, President 180BIZ

I want you to contemplate a question. The question is when this is all over and it will be all over, who do you want to be? How do you want people to talk about who you were through this situation, this pandemic? I think this is an amazing question to ask yourself. You’ll have to ask yourself, what would that person think? First, decide where or who do you want to be? What does that look like?

I want to be known as somebody that really helped people through this. I want to be known as a bright light. That's my goal right now. It’s to help others get through this. This has nothing to do with money and nothing to do with sales. It is strictly to help other people. So now ask yourself a couple of questions.

  • What does that person have to think?
  • What does that person have to believe?
  • What kind of attitudes do they need?
  • What kind of actions will that person take?
  • What kind of words will that person use to build up and encourage? 
  • What attitude do you have?
  • What thoughts would you have?
  • What feelings do you have to have? 
  • What actions would you take?
  • What beliefs would you have?

Ask yourself those questions and then whatever you come up with do. Whatever you come up with for answers those are the steps you would take to become that person.  I want you to ask yourself one question. Who do I want to be when I get on the other side of this? Do I want to stand taller? Do I want to retreat? That question can change how you go through this if you keep it at your forefront.

  1. So, the first thing I want to talk about as a business tip is to do temperature checks. A temperature check is just something where you find out how your team is feeling. Understand where each one of your team members is from a stress perspective, from a purpose perspective, and from a morale perspective. Do you need to feed them? Are they in a good place? Make sure you understand your team. This is not only for work. This is a little hint. You should be doing this every day with your kids and your spouse. Make sure you know where everybody's at. So, the first thing is that temperature check.
  2. The second thing I want you to do is to set three reminders on your phone. Three appointments every day where an alarm or reminder goes off. Make them mid-morning, lunchtime, and mid-afternoon.  These reminders are for you to go for Jon Gordon calls a gratitude walk.  It's from a book by Jon Gordon titled The Energy Bus.  One of the tools he introduces in the book is called the Gratitude Walk.  I want you to stop three times a day and go for a little walk to clear your head and get out of the mess. And then as you're walking think about what you’re grateful for.
  • Thankful for your health
  • Thankful for your legs
  • Thankful for your hands
  • Thankful for your mind
  • Thankful for your sight
  • Thankful for your hearing
  • Thankful for your voice
  • Thankful for your business
  • Thankful for your spouse
  • Thankful for your family

Think about the circle and you are in the middle.  The next surrounding circle is your family. That's the second walk. The third circle is your business The people that you can enjoy, be grateful for them. I guarantee you if you do this three times a day, your attitude will pick up. If you ask yourself the question every morning, it is going to create a business for you that will be head and shoulders above those that retreat. Instead of reacting and dealing with the situation, you are now at the life that you want, the impact that you want.

When I'm with a group of people I ask them, “How many want to make more money and have a better life? Everybody raises their hand.  Then I ask, When you're at the end of your life taking your final breaths and you look back on your life, do you want a big bank balance or do you want to have made a difference, and impact?” Everyone's hand goes up for impact. Right now, we need to be focused on impact, on helping, on serving, on making sure our world doesn't end at the tip of our nose.

Do the gratitude walks and the temperature checks and I guarantee you're going to be off to an amazing week. I want you to just take off this week. Please share this video if it helps, and if you're in a bad spot mentally, emotionally, anxiety wise, please feel free to reach out.

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Just because we're isolating, you’re not alone. We are a community; we don’t have to get together to make it through this together. I want you to know that I am here to help and support you in any way I can.

God bless.