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Auto Repair Shop Owner's Daily Dose 12: Jim Rohn's Ant Philosophy!


Jim Rohn's Ant Philosophy! by Rick White, President 180BIZ

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I read a very cool thing years ago and it is so applicable today. I don't know if you've ever heard of this gentleman before. His name is Jim Rohn. He is a really great guy. He has impacted the lives of Tony Robbins and Darren Hardy and all these different people that are really major thought leaders today. Jim had this talk that he called the Ant Philosophy.  It basically had four things to it.

  1. Persist Without Exception. No matter what gets in your way, just keep going. I don't care if you have to go through it, over it, under it, or around it. You persist without exception. You get to a point where there is no other option but to go where you're going. And I think that's an amazing thought process to embrace in your life. There are too many people that start and never finish. Everybody starts, but very few finish. I want you to think about that. Everybody starts, but very few finish. And I want you to be one of the ones that will finish. You must persist. You must be so passionately tied to where you're going that there's nothing that will stop you from being successful and achieving that particular goal.

    There's a great video on YouTube with Will Smith. If you’ve never seen some of Will's videos, they're amazing. And he has one about a treadmill. So, go to YouTube and search Will Smith Treadmill. It's a five- or six-minute video. When you watch the video you’ll understand the persistent mindset. It's absolutely amazing. So, the first lesson from being an Ant is to PERSIST.

  2. When You’re in Summer, Think Winter Everything in life is wrapped up in a season. It's just the way it is. There are too many people that think Summer will last forever.  When they’re in the warmth and things are growing and blooming, they think summers will last forever. But it doesn't, does it? So when you're in summer, think winter, that's the second lesson. When you're in summer, think winter. Be prepared.  You must have an emergency fund. You should have three to six months of your expenses set aside in an emergency fund. Every one of my clients is starting on that right now. We're growing that emergency fund because that’s what will keep us afloat during the slow times.
  3. When You’re in Winter, Think Summer. A lot of times we see the winter as bad. It really shouldn't be. It should be a time to step back and recharge, rest, learn and grow, and to learn those lessons. It is such a big deal. We recently did a webinar called The Power of Plateaus and what they can do for you. So, when you're in winter, the reason why you need to think about summer is that a lot of times winter feels like it's never going to end. IT sort of feels like now, during this virus crisis, doesn't it? But remember when you're in winter, summer is coming. Plan for it now. Too many people shrink.  They retreat. When you're in winter, yes, rest, but think summer. Get prepared for the next level of growth in your shop, in your business, and in your life? What do you need to work on? Now's the time to work on it. Don't sit there and stare at the problem. Stare at where you want to go. Stare at the steps that going to take you there. And what do you need to learn? What do you need to put into place to make that happen? So in winter, think summer.
  4. Go for Everything.  Get as much as you can. And, and I'm not talking about toilet paper, I'm talking about opportunities moving forward, not hoarding.  I want every one of you to step up now and be the light in your community.  So that when we're on the other side of this, you are going to be in such a better place.

That’s the four lessons to the Ant Philosophy. Look it up. Ant philosophy by Jim Roan. It's a great talk.

Here’s our tip for today? I want your people to feel safe. You cannot be running around this. The worst thing in a business is a frightened leader. Don't be afraid because if you're afraid about car count if you're afraid about who's going to come into work. People don't understand that. Communicate what's going on. Be open and transparent.  Let people know what you're thinking about. Let your people know what you’re concerned about. Get their concerns and become a team. Use this opportunity to grow closer together, to grow those bonds so that you become unstoppable. Have a meeting with your people today. Get everything out in the open. Talk about how things are, what you're doing, the steps you're taking to keep everyone safe. Ask them what other things that you can do that would make them feel better. Talk to them.

I want to say thank you so much for being here. Remember the four lessons of an Ant. We are in winter right now. Be thinking about summer. That's the main thing for today.

Have a great day. Go make a difference. God Bless


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