Busy, Busy, Busy

blog focus Feb 26, 2018

There’s something I know about you right now and that’s you didn’t get everything done yesterday that you wanted to. You’re extremely busy and you run out of daylight before you run out of to-dos. The fact is you’ll always have more on your plate than you can handle. This isn’t about being negative, it’s about being honest. The cool thing is there’s still a way to accomplish your dreams even with all this noise in your life.

The saving grace in your hectic day is discerning between tasks that are important and tasks that are urgent. Important tasks are typically not deadline driven and yet are the tasks that when completed move you closer to achieving YOUR goals. Because there’s no sense of urgency, you tend to meet and deal with important tasks from a responsive mode allowing you to be creative and thoughtful. Urgent tasks are deadline driven and typically help others achieve THEIR goals. When completed, urgent tasks do nothing to help you advance your cause. Due to their rushed nature, you deal with urgent tasks in a reactive mode which hinders creativity and opportunity.

The easiest way to recognize the difference between the two is to know where you want to go. Being clear on your destination creates a filter that allows you to focus on the few things that really make a difference to what you want to achieve rather than having a day filled with urgent tasks that do nothing but rob you of energy and spirit. You’ll still have time to deal with urgent matters but not at the expense of what matters to you. As you head home at the end of the day, you’ll feel energized, excited, and enthused because you’ll feel you’ve accomplished something.

All you have to do is know your destination, reverse engineer a plan to get there, break down your plan into daily tasks, and then do them without fail. While it’s important to help others, you were put on this earth to make a difference by seeing the dreams put in your heart come to pass. Putting the important in front of the urgent is the way to make this happen and show the world just how AMAZING you are!