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Blame Is

growth mindset Aug 21, 2017

Blame is such an insidious word that has destroyed more dreams and relationships than I could possibly count.

Blame is all about finding fault. It’s placing responsibility externally for an event or situation in your life on someone or some circumstance.

Blame is destructive when it’s pointed inward because it beats you up, weakens your resolve, damages your confidence, and makes you feel bad.

Blame is avoiding responsibility, dooming you to repeat this savage cycle over and over again.

Blame is all about finding fault to protect your ego.

Blame is robbing you of the life you want to have.

Blame focuses on the problem and places the source of that problem externally. What this means is that for things to improve something over which you have NO control must change for things to get better.

Blame is a word and an action that you must remove from your life with surgical precision.

Blame is dead! Long live Blame! Take responsibility instead.

Responsibility isn’t about staring at the problem, it’s about learning the lesson.

Responsibility is about owning the result, good or bad.

Responsibility isn’t about pointing fingers, it’s about claiming power.

Responsibility puts the power to improve things in YOUR hands, which is where the power to improve should always be.

Responsibility is a blessing to those around you because of your example and because they’re not in your crosshairs anymore.

Responsibility is a gift you give yourself that allows you to create the life you’ve always dreamed of.

Bottom line: Blame is a kick me thing while responsibility is a fix me thing.

Show the world just how AMAZING you are by taking responsibility for every aspect of your life as it is now and then claiming the power to create it to be anything you want!

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