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Auto Repair Shop Owners Who Believe will Achieve


Believe to Achieve by Rick White, President 180BIZ

 One of the biggest mistakes you will ever make is not believing something until you see it. There are so many people out there that will not believe something is possible until they see it happen in their own lives, in their own business first. And that is 100% a mistake because it must start in your head first. And that's what this is all about. It's one of the biggest frustration points I see all the time is the old Missouri's SHOW ME state thing where I'll believe it when I see it. No, must believe it and then see it. And there are certain things to believe in.  That's what I want to talk to you about today. These beliefs or the lack of these beliefs consistently in your life is what's keeping you from getting what you want. I will tell you about 4 beliefs that you must have to achieve your goals and reach your dreams.

  1. Believe It’s Possible: Let's pretend I gave you a magic card for Christmas. You can get anything you want. You can have anything you wish for and it's yours. The first thing you must do is believe that what you want is possible. If you do not believe it's possible, I don't care how badly you want it. It'll never happen. The first belief you must have is to believe that whatever you want is possible.
  2. Believe Your Capable: The second belief you need the belief that you’re capable. Even if you understand and you believe it's possible, if you don't think you're capable of it, then you're never ever going to achieve it. So, you must believe that it's possible and that you're capable. Now that doesn't mean you know how to do the task right now. Believe that you're capable of the task, that you're capable of learning. There are so many instances in your life where you're that you have technical skills now that at one point you never thought you'd have. I know that you have sales skills that you never thought you would have.  Everything you do in life starts in your head. I taught my kids always dress for their next job.  And what I meant by that is be that person that you want to be in your next race, your next position. Don't do what you're supposed to be doing well now. Stretch yourself, get better, and so the things of that person you want to become. You must be that person first. You must believe this stuff so strongly that it is part of your identity. That you are now the shop you want.  If you want to be doing a million dollars a year in sales, you are a shop owner that believes that you're capable of doing it.  You've got to be that person first. And then you do the things that person does. And then you get to have what that person has.  That's the order, write it down. BE, DO, HAVE. So believe it's possible. Believe you're capable.
  3. Believe You Deserve It: Here's the third thing. Believe you deserve it. There are so many people walking around in this light and this world where they don't feel like they've earned something yet. They haven't paid their dues enough. They haven't suffered enough. They haven't done this. They haven't done that. That's ridiculous. Believe it's possible. Believe you're capable. Believe you deserve it.
  4. Believe It’s Worth It: And now there's one more belief. You got to believe it's worth it. The reality is you will need to work harder. You must do something different. You must put yourself out there. You will probably suffer rejection. You will probably suffer doubt and fear, but it must be worth it. What you're going after must be worth it. When a shop owner tells me, “I want to grow sales by 10%,” my toes curl. Who will get excited by 10%? No one. Talk to me about doubling your business. Talk to me about tripling your business.

Once you have these beliefs, you're given a gift and that gift is called CERTAINTY. You must believe down to the very core of your being that this is already yours.  It must become a part of your identity.

Too many of us are running from failure instead of chasing success. You're going to hear me say that a lot because the more I coach shops, the more I recognize people are just living to not fail. And that's not exciting. It's not fun. You're completely focused on failure. You're running away from it. It's like trying to drive a car, looking in the rearview mirror. Instead, you need to be chasing success.  So, I hope you can hear this. Everyone needs to hear this message. Believe that it's possible, believe that you are capable, believe you deserve it, and believe that it’s worth it.  Believe that you're going to put more work in. Believe that you're going to learn new skills and whatever you invest in that it's worth it. When you have these beliefs wrapped up inside of you, you now see yourself differently. You are now a different person. And that is what the true gift of goals really is.  It’s becoming the person capable of achieving.

So I want to say, God bless. Go make some money this week and work on what you believe is possible, what you believe you're capable of, what you believe you deserve and it's worth it.

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