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Auto Shop Owners Create Boundaries to Create Freedom


Boundaries Create Freedom by Rick White, President 180BIZ

Today I’ll talk to you about boundaries. Boundaries have a very negative connotation. When you set up a boundary and it may appear to be constricting and confining. But that’s not really true. Boundaries are not meant to constrict. And we are opposed to putting boundaries in place. And then we're frustrated. Why? It's because there's a psychological term called the illusion of transparency. What the illusion of transparency means is you feel like everyone should see what you need. And it just isn't so. It happens all the time at work, and it happens all the time at home.  You may think, “Hey, they should know I need this.” If you ever feel yourself saying that you need to step back and realize there's a breakdown in communication. The illusion of transparency is causing a lot of your misery today.

What I want to talk to you about is how boundaries are really good things. Why do I say that? Because boundaries create clarity. Most employees, team members are confused. They are. They don't know what to do. It seems like one day something works and the next day it doesn't. And then they're just spending their entire day trying to figure out what the right thing to do. And at some point, they just give up. You will never be happy. It's the way it is.

It doesn't have to be that way. Boundaries create clarity. It makes it easy for your team to see what is and is not appropriate at different times. Boundaries are important in your business and also important at home. You must be able to know when things are good and when things need to change a little bit. My wife and I had a situation come up this morning and she needed to set a boundary and it's okay. That's what it's there for. That's what we're there for. So that she can get what she needs, and I can get what I need. That's what boundaries are about. It's about creating certainty. So, I want you to understand that boundaries create clarity, and they create certainty. What does that mean? That there's no guesswork. The most painful part of a decision is the indecision that leads up to it. That's where all the pain is. Once you make the decision you're done. When there's a level of certainty on what has to be done and the way it has to be done. But when they're certain about how things must be done and how they must show up it creates freedom. It makes life easier. It makes life more fun. And it gives us focus. So, it creates clarity, certainty, and focus.

So, I want you to step back and think this through. Boundaries are a really good thing. If you are a shop owner and you are constantly interrupted, then you must set boundaries as to when and where that's not appropriate. I had to do it as a coach. At one point I was available all the time, anytime. It could be 11 o'clock or midnight and I would be responding to people's texts. I would do it on Saturday. I would do it on Sunday. And finally, Brenda and I decided that we need a day to heal. We need a day to recharge. Unless someone's burning the shop into the ground, let's take Sunday off. And we just tell our clients we'll answer you if it's really important, but please, if it isn't, let's wait till Monday morning. I've even had some clients text me on Sunday telling me not to answer it. They just wanted to put it down while they were thinking about it. And then they know to reach out to me again on Monday morning. This is the way to get things done.

I want you to see the beauty of boundaries. It makes such a difference when everyone knows their lane and they know how they contribute, and they know what the outcomes are, and they know what's appropriate and what's inappropriate. It makes all the difference in the world. I want you to see that setting boundaries is a good thing. It doesn't mean being a jerk. It doesn't mean distancing yourself from your team. It means setting the rules of engagement. Everyone needs boundaries. That way you get to do what you do.

I’m going to ask you to do me a favor. If you know someone that's suffering from the transparency of illusion, where they think everyone should know what's going on in their life or what they need in their business or their life, or if you think boundaries could help them, please share this video.

The other thing I want to make you aware of is the second Thursday of each month, 7:00 PM Eastern time we will have a shop round table. This is where any Auto Repair Shop owner can come in and meet other shop owners that are growth-oriented, not complainers and whiners, and want to help grow our industry, our businesses. It's absolutely free. There are no expectations other than to help and serve. So, I hope you'll join us. And it starts in February 2022. If you hear of or see a shop owner who is struggling, let them know, get them to mark that on their calendar.

Okay. So, let's just do a really quick recap. Boundaries are beautiful.  It's about creating clarity, certainty, and focus. I'm telling you that a lack of boundaries is one of the biggest things holding you back from creating momentum in your shop to get that exponential growth that you're looking for. So be clear about your boundaries.

I was speaking with a shop owner recently whose dad was visiting from the west coast. She's on the east coast. And she had planned on taking some days to be with her dad. Well, her manager had a family thing going on and ended up taking two days off. But it was because they weren't talking to each other that the time clashed. The manager didn't know what was going on in the owner's life. It's important that we have this level of communication and we're able to set boundaries.

God bless, stay safe, take care and go make some money.

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