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Auto Repair Shop Owners: What Will You Do Today to Make a Difference?


What Will You Do Today? by Rick White, President 180BIZ

 I found out on Saturday that a very dear friend of mine, Bob Greenwood, passed away suddenly on Thursday. He's been a coach for many years, and I'm telling you right now, the industry is a little sadder place today because of his passing. I want you to step back and recognize a couple of different things. Number one, when somebody close to you passes, I think it's an opportunity to celebrate their life and recognize who you are today because of the nudges they gave you. Bob and I have had some really amazing conversations over the years at the different events. We'd sit at least one time and either grab a meal or a beer and a wine, he never drank beer. He always drank wine.

Just the conversations we had, I think, impacted both of us. So, it's really important that when someone passes, step back and celebrate their life, celebrate the impact they had, celebrate how you're a better person because of their influence on your life. I think that's important. But then the other thing I think is important too, is to step back and look at your life. Each person that passes is a reminder that we're not going to be here forever. And no matter what we have, we keep telling ourselves this lie, that there's always tomorrow. One day; there isn't going to be a tomorrow. And none of us know when that is.  I saw this great graphic a while back where it showed everybody in line going on an escalator up towards heaven. The caption basically said, we're all in line, but we don't know where.

I don't mean to make this morbid. I want you to be able to think this through deciding if you’re showing up the way you want to. Are you making the impact that you want to? Are you making a difference? Stop thinking you have tomorrow. Your tomorrow is created not by staring at yesterday and all the mistakes that were made. It's based on what you do today. This is where the rubber meets the road. So, what are you going to do today that will make a difference in your life, the life of your loved ones, your team, and the people that you serve. Where's that difference going to come from?

It comes from your heart. That's where it all starts. So, I'm going to ask you to reflect. If you knew Bob at all, please think through the stuff you learned through him. He was a smart guy. I have visions of when I die a group of people meeting me, and Bob is there holding for me and a wine for himself.  I'm really looking forward to that at some point.  Are you ready? There are so many what-ifs. What if you get hit by a storm? What if you end up not being able to open your business? What if you suddenly pass away? Are you set up? What kind of regrets would there be? This is the opportunity for you to stop and reflect just a little bit. Are you making the impact that you want to make?

If you are fantastic, I applaud you. And I think everyone that you come in contact with that's a trainer and a teacher and a coach in this industry, no matter what their style is, they care. So, listen, step back, celebrate life, celebrate your life, celebrate the impact you're making, and then ask, “How do I do more? How do I make a difference?” Because the day you die your customers are going someplace else. It's just the fact. The legacy that you leave, the people whose lives you touched is what you leave. That's what makes a difference. Bob, I'm looking forward to seeing you; you're an amazing guy. Godspeed, our prayers got to his and his family, Patty, his wife, and their kids, his grandkids.

Step back, celebrate, and reflect. Take care. God bless, stay safe, and go make some money.

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