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Auto Repair Shop Owners: Is Your Conditioning Hurting You?


Is Your Conditioning Hurting You?

by Rick White, President 180BIZ                                                            (Estimated Read Time 4 minutes)

There's air conditioning, there's reconditioning, and there's strength conditioning. But you know something? One of the things that I want you to be aware of is YOUR CONDITIONING.

Conditioning is a limitation.

What is conditioning? Conditioning is simply a limitation that you've allowed based on another person, an event, or the story you're telling yourself about a situation. Probably one of the best examples of conditioning is when they have a baby elephant at the circus. They put a rod in the ground is the baby elephant gets tied to it. The baby elephant pulls and pulls but it can't pull it out or get loose. So what does it do? It finally gives up. Why? Because it's telling itself the story that I can't do it. Now when the elephant grows up, it can pull that eight-foot stake out of the ground, no problem. But the elephant has been so conditioned that it doesn't even try.

What stories are holding you back?

So, I will ask you this. What conditioning are you dealing with right now? What stories are you telling yourself that are holding you back? What limitations are you placing on yourself because you failed? Once you can learn and grow from everything you go through, nothing is fatal. Unless it stops you from breathing, it's not fatal. Where would you be right now if you had no limitations? Where would you be if you thought you were capable of everything you attempted? Where would you be today?

Experiences in your life are lessons and opportunities.

This conditioning comes from way back when we were kids. It comes from words that were said to us by people in authority who we looked up to. That is their brokenness, that is their opinion.  And just because they said it, it doesn't make it real. It doesn't make it true. What are the stories you tell yourself? What are the takeaways that you have from prior events? Like you go through bankruptcy, and you think, “I can't be a good businessperson”. All these things are lessons. All these things are opportunities in our life to reflect on how we showed up and what can we do better the next time.

Are you somber or are you excited for the day?

When you got up this morning, were you ready to take on the world? When you got up this morning, were you looking forward to something positive? Or were you focused on something negative?  Did you say in a somber voice, “Oh God, another day?” Or did you leap out of bed happily thinking, “Oh God, thank you for another day.”  There will always be one day when you don't wake up and you don't want to be with the majority that lay on their deathbed filled with regret because of the things they didn't do. It is only then that they realize the conditioning that has kept them down is all a lie. You are meant for greatness, and I want you to see that. Ask yourself, “What's holding me back right now? What past event, what person and something they did or said to me, what did they do? What story am I telling myself that's holding me back from being amazing, from going all out today?” That's conditioning.

Be intentional about your conditioning.

If you're going to condition yourself, be intentional about the conditioning. Most of us let the conditioning happen to us and something just like that elephant, maybe back then you couldn't do what you were attempting, but I'll bet you can today. Take a moment and reflect on what is holding you back. What story, situation, event, or person in your past is holding you back from becoming the amazing, wonderful person that you are today or could be today? And what's stopping you from creating greatness not only in your life but in the lives of others?

If this resonates with you, would you please share this video? There's somebody out there who needs to hear this because they're stuck. They're down, they're depressed, they're filled with anxiety. Nothing in our life is fatal unless it causes you to stop breathing.

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God bless. stay safe, have some fun, and go make some money.

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