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Auto Repair Shop Owners Get Knocked Down


Getting Knocked Down by Rick White, President 180BIZ

 What are we talking about today? We're talking about getting knocked down. What does that mean? You all know what it means. It means getting knocked on our butts. For me, it's been very real lately. Just about the end of the summer, I started having problems with my back and it got to a point where I couldn't walk without a walker and was on some pretty heavy medication.  Through the love of other people, they helped us get through it. But getting knocked down is not an option.

 One of the problems that are keeping you from growing is that you're trying to avoid getting knocked down. The fact is you are going to get knocked down. Don't avoid it. Embrace it. I'm going to give you four things to think through.

 The first thing is LIFT. What does that mean? Well, when you get knocked down, don't stay down. Get back up. The faster you get back up the faster you can turn it around. The faster you can get back on the horse and keep going. Henry Ford once said that failure was the opportunity to begin again more intelligently. That's what this is all about. I don't want you to see it as failure. I want you to see it as lessons.

 You hire somebody and maybe you're not used to some of the younger generations. So, it doesn't work out. That doesn't mean stay away from it. That means get back up, recognize that it didn't work. Here's the important part here.  When you LIFT, you must LOOK. Don’t just go to blame. Don't blame the kid that didn't work out. Don't blame the client that gave you a hard time. Don't blame the different circumstances, situations, events, and other people. Instead, step back and look, observe and understand. Maybe it's something out of your control. The way you responded to it could have been different. And that would have resulted in a different outcome, right? It's kind of like that E plus R equals O that Lucas talked about last week.

 So, the first thing we want to do is when we get knocked down, is LIFT. Get back up right away. The longer you stay down, that's where negativity comes in. That's where it all gets bad. Make sure that you get up as quick as you can. And then you LOOK. Dust yourself off and you look. Not for who saw you. I was on a motorcycle once and forgot to unlock the handlebars. I started off and went to straighten out and couldn't and the bike fell. I immediately jumped right back up.  And the first thing I did was LOOK. I started looking around to see who saw me do it.

 This is what we must stop and not worry about. What you want to do is look and observe what happened. What could have been better? What could have been different?  A knockdown is not a knockout unless we stay there. Getting knocked down as a given, staying down as a choice. Don't stay down. Then look, observe.

 The third thing is LEARN from it. There's a lesson in everything that goes on in us, with us, for us, everything that's happening in your life happens for you. Not until you figure out what the lesson is you can learn from it. And again, it should be one of growth. Of getting better and bigger. And that's what it's all about. So, LEARN.

 And then the last thing you must do is LABOR. And what I mean by labor is take action. Don't just internalize it. What you want to do is LIFT, LOOK, LEARN, and LABOR. When you do that, it's absolutely amazing what happens.  Because you get up and you're going to do it again a little bit more elegantly and a little bit more elegantly and a little bit more elegantly.

 You need to do is give yourself permission to crawl. When you're doing something new, give yourself permission to make mistakes, because it makes all the difference in the world. You are not going to do something new and do it well. You must get through the suck stage.  You must be patient and persistent. If you are, it makes all the difference in the world.


 And I'm going to give you a fifth one. COMMUNITY. When you recognize you’re not alone, when you recognize that you are dealing with the same things that other people are dealing with, it doesn't feel as bad. I heard this thing once that said a joy shared is magnified. A sorrow shared is halved. When you can share what you're going through with other people that are banging as hard as you are to get better, it helps you grow. And so I'm going to say, COMMUNITY is the fifth habit. If you don't have community to help you, Rick's Inner Circle (RIC) may be just the thing for you.

 And I just want you to remember that getting knocked down is inevitable. We all go through it. We live such small lives when we try to avoid getting knocked down. Don't avoid getting knocked down, go out there, be strong, do your best and learn every single day. It's going to help you become the person that you're capable of. And it's going to help you create the business of your dreams.

 I want to say, thank you for being here. Please share this if you think it can help somebody. The holidays can be a really hard time for people to get through. Reach out to them, let them know they're not alone. Let them know that you got their back.

 Take care, God bless, and go make some money.

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