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Auto Repair Shop Owner "MUST HAVE'S" to Stay Focused


Auto Repair Shop Owners "MUST HAVE's" to Stay Focused.

by Rick White, President 180BIZ                                                                 (Estimated Read Time 2 minutes)

Today I want to talk to you about your MUSTS. There are some things that you MUST take care of to create and keep your focus.

 What's a Good Night's Sleep Worth?

The first is SLEEP. Some people think sleep is either the enemy or a luxury. It’s neither. It is a MUST. Think about this. If you're awake 19 hours, many think that’s a badge of courage. But being awake for 19 hours is the same, cognitively, as being drunk. You want to be more careful than that.

Take care of yourself. Get 7 to 8 hours of sleep at night. Otherwise, it never gets better. You don't get better. You feel like things are happening to you and they're not. It's simply a focus. It is a mindset. With a good night’s sleep, you will be more alert.

When you go to sleep, your brain rests. It recharges. It clears out your short-term memory and puts things in your long-term memory.  That's why you don't remember everything. But that's a cool thing and you need that.

Time Away from Work is GREAT for the SOUL

The second must is PLAY. You need time to play. You can't be all work all the time. All work makes Jack a dull boy or Jill a dull girl. You need time away. You need other interests. You need something that takes your mind off of stuff.

I found that when I have playtime, the stuff that has been eating away at me all of a sudden a solution pops into my head.  That’s because my brain had a break. So you need to find some playtime. Maybe it's a guitar, or learning a new language.  Perhaps it's going out with the family and spending time with the kids.

How much time are you at the shop when you should be with your family? What are you doing for sleep? What are you doing for play? How are you taking care of yourself? Remember, you need to fill your cup first. Everything in the cup is yours and everything that flows out of the cup, that's for other people.

Keep Your Cup Full and Overflowing

Take care. God bless. Stay safe and go make some money.

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