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Are You Babysitting Your Employees?

team Jul 24, 2017

When it comes to your business, do you feel like your primary job is babysitting employees? You know what I mean, where you have to watch them like a hawk, swoop in and fix things regularly, and repeat the same thing over and over again to get them to do something. If you just found yourself saying, “YES!”, then this blog is for you!

The very simple reason you feel this way is because you hired a person to do something. You hire a service advisor to greet customers, take orders, present, and sell. You hire a technician to fix cars. And this is wrong. You don’t hire employees to do things; you hire employees to get you things, to get you results.

See, when you hire an employee, and you’re not getting what you want from them, you start to manage their activity. You’re telling them what to do and when to do it. You see things they’re doing like texting or checking Facebook, and it infuriates you. Not because of what they’re doing but because you’re not getting what you want. So you swoop in and try to micromanage them. Your employees resent this because you make them feel like a child, and they disconnect which causes you to micromanage even more. The worst part of all of this is, as long as you micromanage their activity, YOU own the results!

Instead, hire people for results and then manage by those results. When you do, you’ll find your employee more engaged, you’ll be less stressed, and your customers will see just how AMAZING your business is!

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