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Auto Repair Shop Owners Eliminate Your Barriers Forever


 Barriers by Rick White, President 180BIZ

I want you to think about the word BARRIERS. Barriers is an important word because a barrier if you think about it the image it gives you, is something that will stop you from getting to where you want to go. And here's the really cool thing about barriers. Barriers are an internal issue. And I want you to really listen to this for a minute. Barriers are an internal issue. Challenges are external. Challenges come up all the time. Challenges are simply opportunities disguised as hard work. That's all it is.

Barriers, on the other hand, limit your thinking. It's something that's happened to you in the past. It’s something that you've gone through. It’s something that you've seen someone else go through and has created limiting beliefs. And now you're starting to use the word “can't” You say, “I can't do this. We can't get over this.” And I need you to understand that everything is figureoutable. That's a great book by Marie Forleo. Everything is figureoutable. You can do anything. You can overcome any challenge. It's when our stinkin’ thinkin’ gets in the way that it becomes a barrier.

I need you to do three things for me.

When you start using the word can't, recognize you're seeing something as a barrier. I need you to hear that. If you're using the word can't, I need you to realize you see something as a barrier. Something that happened in your past is defining who you are. It’s defining what you're capable of. And it's absolutely not true. Instead, I want you to recognize the stinkin’ and thinkin’. I want you to say, “Wow, I must have something on here, because we're not always aware of what's going on up here. Are we? So, what I want you to do is when you're saying I can't do this, or we can't do this, that's stinkin’ and thinkin’ and is a limiting belief. Stop. I identify the belief that's holding you back and then find a better way to deal with it. Your past is nothing but a series of lessons.  They are lessons to help you. Use them to become a bigger, better version of yourself and stop saying the word can't. If you're saying the word can't or you don't believe something will happen right, that is barrier thinking. It is internally created.

When you have a challenge, embrace it. Don't fight the challenge. Don't avoid it. Embrace the challenge because in that challenge is the gift of growth. Embrace the challenge, figure it out, but believe in yourself, believe that you're capable and that it's possible. And that you have the resources to make it happen. You may not know how to do it right then, but you've been through enough in your life to know you can do this too. So that's the message for today. Don't let yourself create barriers. They will hold you back this year. Don't create barriers in your mind that keep you from living the most fulfilled life that you possibly can. We all have challenges and guess what? Those challenges will come and go.

Sometimes there are stages of life challenges where there are different things that happen as you get older and it's okay. Embrace the challenge and learn from it. Don't let your past dictate what you are capable of. They're just lessons. Don't let it hold you down. Don't let your past hold you down. Come into the challenge believing in yourself.

  1. The first thing is to recognize stinkin’ and thinkin’.
  2. Number two is understanding what the belief is that causes it.
  3. And number three, believe in yourself.

There are so many different times that you have overcome insurmountable odds where you've achieved and were the Victor. Don't play the victim. Take responsibility for fixing where you are now. It may not be your fault. Fault and responsibility are two different things. It may not be your fault where you are now, but it is your responsibility to get to the other side of it. Accept responsibility for what's going on. See it as a challenge, not as a barrier and you can do some amazing things.

And here's the little secret I want to give you. The people that are in your lives, both at home and at the shop, are going to suffer from barrier thinking too. And now that you know the truth, now that you understand these are just challenges, you now have the ability to change how things go. The only thing that will keep you from living the very best life you can are not your challenges. It's the barriers that you create. I want you to ask better questions. That's like an extra bonus.

This is number four. When you understand the stinkin’ thinkin’, the limiting belief, ask yourself a better question.

  • What can I learn from this?
  • How can I grow through this? How can I use this to grow?
  • How can I use this to become better?

Again, barriers are internally created when we're having to deal with a challenge externally, stop creating barriers, see it for what it is, and move on. See what happens in your life as challenges and you will be amazed at what happens.

God bless, stay safe and go make some money.

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