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Get Out of the Shop


Back Into Your Life


Ever wish that you could make more money while working less hours?

If you're tired of LIVING at your shop while still having no money in the bank...

If you need a picture of your kids just to remember what they look like because you're working insane hours with little to show for it...

If you're tired of being stressed out, overworked and underpaid...

You're in the right place.

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Tell me if this sounds familiar:

You: I'm stressed out and profits are down.
THEM: Easy. Get more cars.

You: I'm spending 70 hours in the shop every week and I still can't pay the bills.
THEM: Piece of cake. Just hustle for more cars.

You: Another week and I can't take a paycheck... again.
THEM: No problem.  You just need a few more CARS!

You: My wife wants to leave me.  There's no money in the bank and all we do is fight.

THEM: More cars, More Cars, MORE CARS!

Don't you wish you could just stop

all the endless, useless and UNPROFITABLE

hustling for more and more cars?


Make all your hard work FINALLY pay off?


Profit more while working less hours?


You can.

I'm Rick White, a business turnaround & shop growth expert.

And while THEY tell you that the only way to make more money with your shop is with more and more cars...

I know that THEY are wrong.

In fact, I know that you can make MORE money with LESS cars.

Because I help auto and truck repair shop owners go from struggling to stay open to being the go-to shop in their market by working smarter, not harder.

Because I've taught thousands to not only make more money than they ever thought possible, but also to have the time to enjoy it with their family and friends, a true rarity in our industry.

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$1.3 Million with 200 Less Cars

When I met Erick, he was managing his shop full time during the day and working another full time job overnight just to make ends meet.  He is right outside New York City so he was barely getting by with the shop bringing in $800K per year.

In just a few months, Erick quit that second job, and by year's end, he increased his revenue to $1.3 million servicing 200 less cars.  He says as a result of our engagement, he is a better husband, better father and better son.


After spending thousands of dollars with other coaches, Keith swore he would never work with a coach again.

He was overwhelmed and losing money.

Then he met Rick and it's been great ever since.

On top of Rick's caring approach, Keith says working with the other shop owners is amazing. He knows he's not alone.  It's not a "mastermind" - it's family.  Other guys who genuinely care about his success.

According to Keith, "Rick’s personal involvement in the program has been a nice surprise for sure. Especially after the experiences I’ve had with the previous companies we’ve worked with. It’s just nice to see. What you see is what you get—there’s no front."


Customer Comments

“We did it! Passed the 100K mark AFTER we deducted sales tax”

"We broke our fourth record this year in sales and gross profit”

“Record day, record week, record month!”

“Never thought I would ever see numbers like these”

"I've got 5 people to interview - techs are chasing us to work here."

"Just beat my best month ever with work left over started but not finished"

"Closed out an outstanding month last month during our usually slow time"

"We closed out the month of August.  Outstanding month!"

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