As you close your shop down after a full day of running back and forth between the front counter and your back office—losing customers in the process the same way you have for years, you say to yourself:

"This sure as hell isn't sustainable."

Your dream isn't to graduate from mechanic to owner—only to take over 3 more people’s jobs.  It's not to push sales just to make a buck at the expense of your customers. It's not to be the busiest shop in the entire city (as well as the surrounding ones). You started this business to serve your customers and no standstill at the front can hold you down. 

It's time you stood out as the shop who cares about their customers—and get paid doing it.

You've got this.

Because I'VE GOT YOU!

Say no more! I'm In!

You know the front counter is where the magic happens.

(Or should happen, rather.)

Yet, despite long hours of training that doesn’t stick…

...hours of missed opportunities and sales

...and constant supervision by you

Your service advisor is still having trouble confidently managing the front counter. And your profit is nowhere near where you want it to be.

You need someone that will train your advisor to connect and sell

Because as the shop owner, you don’t have time to train anybody.

Enter The Advisor Accelerator:

 the only program on the market that helps service advisors confidently connect with customers, communicate effectively with staff, and consistently close sales. 

And we do all this without 

  • Scripts 
  • Cookiecutter solutions
  • Vague instructions
  • Taking up all of your advisors’ time

It’s like the advisor version of my 1:1 and group coaching sessions for my shop owners. 

And it’s designed to get you the same results that those in my coaching programs enjoy.

Balancing the needs of the shop with the demands of clients + putting out fires has you on the fast track to burn out...and you’re more than ready for a change.

I’ve seen it over and over again.

You’re scrambling month after month to help your service advisor gain the confidence to connect with your clients and sell them what they really need…

Trying out so many different methods to train them, but you’re spinning in circles and don’t know what you don’t know.

When you hire someone green, you have to start from scratch. 

Hire someone experienced, and you’re left undoing everything they learned wrong.

It seems like your only option is to:

a) continue stepping in to help your service advisor—despite everything else you’ve gotta do that’s piling up, or 

b) Get as many vehicles through as you can, hoping your advisor can close even a small percentage and you’ll end up making a profit.

You’re not alone. Hundreds of shop owners around the country are doing the same thing. 

But you opened your shop for more.

You didn’t mean for it to end up like this.

You started with dreams of being the shop everyone could rely on. The one they’d go to when they had a problem.

But somewhere down the line, in the middle of paying bills, ordering parts, and stepping in time after time to train each new advisor you hired… lost sight of the customer and started focusing on your bottom line.

The profit you were losing; the time you were wasting. 

But your dream never died.

You don’t need to be pushy to get more sales. 

You don’t need to babysit your advisor for them to close sales and secure returning customers.

You don’t need to overload yourself OR your advisor with the job description of 3 employees to get the techs taken care of and parts ordered—while managing the most important spot in the store.

What you’re doing right now isn’t sustainable. And working this way will only get you the results you’ve seen in the past.


Hi, I’m Rick White — previous owner of 2 auto shops, and business turnaround & shop growth expert for 30 years. 

I know that how you show up at your front counter makes or breaks your business, because I’ve been there...several times.

And after working in my own business and consulting for thousands of other businesses, the single most important thing they could do to increase profit almost immediately has been to teach their advisors how to work with the customers, instead of focusing on selling parts.

The changes I’ve seen from that one switch has been incredible, and I can’t wait to help your advisor do the same thing for your business.

I’m going to let you in on a secret: 


When you put your customers first, they’ll take care of you.


There's nothing special about shops that have this down. And yet, they’re closing their shop each night on time, eating meals with their family and using their weekend to get some much-deserved R&R. 

While you’re getting frustrated over training your service advisor for the 10th time, they’re coming out of their office every now and again to greet their returning customers. 

They’re the leader of their business, while you’re the owner...and anything else that needs to be done.

You have the same type of shop, employees, and hunger to learn—they just did one thing differently.

They focused on the front counter. 

That’s where all the magic happens.

So, what DO you need? 

So glad you asked.

Top shop owners care about their customers’ needs, and you do, too.


The difference between top auto repair shop owners and those that are still scrambling to get the sales in the door comes down to one place: 

The front counter.

Most advisors see it merely as a place for deals to be made. 

And it’s stifling their businesses. When you treat the front counter as a place to haggle prices, you’ll attract people that want to haggle prices. 

How you see your front counter is how your customers will see it. Is it a place to make deals or where they are able to talk to an expert who will then sell them things based on their expertise?

To get there, you’ve got to stop selling just for the sake of making a profit. 

And you’ve got to start recognizing the value that your shop brings to the counter.

When your advisor shows up as an expert to your customers, 2 things happen:

  1. You make more sales
  2. You start getting more referrals because customers feel safe coming to you with their vehicles

Does this sound like something you want? Let me show you how.

Introducing The Advisor Accelerator

Whether your advisor is brand new or has been working the counter for years, The Advisor Accelerator will help them create clients out of your current leads rather than just getting customers in and out as fast as possible.


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per Month for 3 Advisor Seats (saves you $798/month)




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  • FREE Lifetime Subscription to my POCKET BUSINESS GENIUS Live Webinar & On-Demand Video Library for shop management
  • One FREE PRIVATE COACHING SESSION with me, you and your advisors to kick the program off right!

We start with Phase 1, which is a level set to make sure all of our advisors are on the same page. 


We’ll start off making sure everyone is on the same page, taking everything your service advisor needs to know to make the magic happen at the front counter. 

This includes:


Your advisor will see exactly what they need to do in nearly every situation they’ll come across—from showing up confidently to selling diagnostics profitably



These won’t take more than 30 minutes to complete each day—long enough for your advisor to consume and implement each lesson before the weekly call with Rick. 


If your advisor has any questions, this is the place to take them. I will personally be on the call, so you’ll get my eyes on your specific situations.


Part 1

The Sale Starts With You

  • The attitude shift needed to connect and sell
  • The foundational beliefs your advisor must have to make this process work
  • Confidence-building exercises
  • Setting and managing expectations
  • Habits to start adopting
  • How to set goals that you actually complete

Part 2

It's All About Them

  • Techniques to identify your ideal customer and qualify them so they become buyers
  • Tools to work with customer expectations, irrational behaviors, and biases
  • Tips to communicate effectively with many different types of buyers

Part 3

The Art of Selling

  • Elements that make up a sale
  • How to communicate with techs
  • The art of greeting your customers
  • The simple trick you need to sell estimates and make a profit on diagnostics
  • Overcoming objections
  • How to invoice properly
  • Advisor Slow Day Plan so that no hour is wasted
  • The profitable system that allows you to follow-up with customers on a regular basis and get recurring referrals in the door

Once your advisor has completed the intensive, they unlock Phase 2, where they’ll be able to collaborate with other service advisors in a mastermind format. 

Here’ s what that looks like:


Once they graduate from the orientation, they are able to get involved in the Mastermind community. Your advisor isn’t assigned "homework".  Instead, the advisors themselves make commitments which they become accountable for.


Have a question about a specific customer situation? Your advisor will be able to go to a group of people that get it. They’ll have access to minds and experiences around the U.S. to tap into and gain insights from.


The first call is to establish goals for the month. We’ll talk through situations they have come across or any situation coming up. I will provide guidance and support, but the true value will be the advisors working together to come up with possible solutions or approaches for each advisor situation. 

The second call will really focus on performance. I’ll track each advisor with their metrics and see how each one is doing with their goal. Then, we’ll discuss what’s going well, and what needs improvement. When advisors hit goals, we’ll celebrate and set new goals. 

This is a process of continuous improvement.

These are the only mandatory calls that your advisor will need to attend, but it is highly recommended that they attend as many as they can to get the full value. 

2x per month, your advisor will get together with their community of sales advisors and Rick too.


I will pick a hot topic each month and dig deep into it. We’ll build on the orientation training and give the advisors the tools they need to implement what they are learning. This is all about increasing your advisor’s front counter knowledge.


I will be available in a Zoom call to answer any questions your advisors may have. They can bring live situations to the table and I will clearly provide advice and direction in these calls. Advisors can ask questions and are answered on a first-come first-serve basis.


In an open Zoom call, owners can send in recorded sales calls to Rick 24 hours in advance to have the opportunity of me reviewing them. I’ll pick 3-4 of them to talk about in the live Sales Call Reviews. 

This is largely a teaching moment for all of the advisors and deal with real-life situations that your advisors face every day. Each advisor is strongly encouraged to attend. 

This is everything I've learned and seen from over 30 years in the industry and hundreds of shop owners in my coaching programs

People like...

Erick went from working 2 jobs to a $433,000 gross increase in just ONE year.

"[Before Rick], my goal was to be able to work one job and spend more time with my kids. Within the first year, we had a $433,000 increase in gross sales...and I have time with my kids, time with my wife, and am finding ways to serve [in my community]."

Tristan went from spinning his wheels to showing up as a profitable leader in his business.

"I [started working with Rick] because I was frustrated about productivity and low profits. I wanted  to be an effective leader and increase profitability. We’ve definitely seen huge returns from it. It was a very wise investment.”

Keith went from desperation to confidence.

"I was leery at first because of past coaching experiences [that left us with] low morale, low income, and desperation.

We did a 90-day trial run to see if [Rick could help], and he did right off the bat, so we jumped on board and it’s been great ever since."

The Advisor Accelerator is a community of advisors, led by experts that hold each service advisor accountable—so you don’t have to.

Students like Lucas went from $20k months to $120k months when using everything inside of The Advisor Accelerator

“I know that much of my process, much of what I’ve created in my business revolves around Rick’s methods and what he’s taught me. When we create systems, policies, and processes in the shop, it’s through what I learned with Rick. So my service advisor being trained by the person who taught me to do what I do really adds a layer of reassurance that the person on the front counter is handling it the way I want it handled and gives me confidence to be able to walk away.”

  • Lucas Underwood, Owner, L&N Performance 

The Advisor Accelerator will help you achieve a sustainable profit—without babysitting your advisor

The moment your advisor joins, they'll instantly get access to Phase 1. Then every month, they'll get a new section covering topics such as:

  • How your advisor can meet and manage customer expectations every time, instead of showing up unsure and defensive. 
  • Why getting in more vehicles isn’t increasing profit
  • The shift your advisor needs to connect and sell
  • What I did in each of my auto repair businesses to become the most sought-after shop in my area, and how you can, too
  • How your advisor can go from a parts person, salesperson, and expeditor for those in the shop...

... to using those tools to serve one job: delivering what’s best for the client

As your advisor goes through The Advisor Accelerator, they’ll have questions. Lots of them. Which is where the weekly calls with Rick come in.

I’ve spent a lot of time recording videos and creating worksheets that will help your advisor overcome the hurdles they’re facing at the front desk, but sometimes a video just doesn’t cut it. 

That’s why we’ll have weekly meetings to chart your advisor’s performance and tackle some of their biggest challenges on the call.

My clients tell me that access to me is the most valuable resource they have in my programs, and I’m going to extend the same type of support to your advisors.

“I like the group coaching a lot because you have a great support system [with] other people with some of the same challenges, or even challenges that you might not be experiencing today, but you might have yesterday or will be tomorrow.”

  • Jen Rindflesh, Owner, Collinsville Auto

“At first, it was kind of a struggle [to make time for the calls]. I missed some calls and [Rick] called me out. Now I look forward to them.

Every time we do group calls there’s always something that sticks out in that conversation.”

  • Keith Dome, Owner, Central Auto Repair and Electric
 Select your investment option below to get started.



per Month for 3 Advisor Seats (saves you $798/month)




per Month for 1 Advisor Seat


*** SPECIAL if you Sign Up BEFORE MIDNIGHT on ***
Monday (April 5th)

  • FREE Lifetime Subscription to my POCKET BUSINESS GENIUS Live Webinar & On-Demand Video Library for shop management
  • One FREE PRIVATE COACHING SESSION with me, you and your advisors to kick the program off right!

“Access to Rick is the most valuable resource we have.”

- My clients

An extra hour every week for your advisor to show up on a call may sound tedious, but this is where the rubber meets the road.

Other courses and membership programs promising to help your service advisor sell better give you tools and scripts. They may even give you access to a coach. 

Few have access to the expert like The Advisor Accelerator does— to get feedback on your business directly.

If you're ready to stop going one step forward and two steps back in your business— join The Advisor Accelerator to get:

3-Month Intensive Training 

  • 50+ instructional videos on:
    • Sleaze-free selling techniques
    • Clear communication skills
    • Workflow processing
    • Following-up on work not sold
    • Delivering a “Wow!” experience
    • Goal management
    • Self-motivation skills
    • + more!
  • Weekly accountability calls and trainings with Rick
  • Clear and concise modules
  • Community of service advisors
  • Regular check-ins with shop owners


Advisor Monthly Mastermind:

  • 2 Monthly mastermind calls
  • Monthly live training
  • Access to a community of like-minded service advisors
  • Open office hours 
  • Sales call reviews by Rick

Your advisor will get ongoing training that covers everything from gaining confidence to profitably selling diagnostic services

I want this to be an investment—not an expense. If it’s an expense, get rid of it!

As a monthly subscription, you can cancel your membership at any time. My goal is to make you so happy with your investment that you don’t want to stop. 

If your advisor is not making improvements, we’ll have a “come to Jesus” talk, and if that doesn’t work—we’ll stop. 

My job is to teach your advisor to connect with your customers, communicate effectively with your techs, and close more sales. 

But I can’t do it for them.

If you find this isn’t the right fit for your advisor, you can stop your subscription at any time—no harm, no foul.

“This all sounds great, Rick...but I still have a few questions.”

I thought you might!

Here’s what others have asked about The Advisor Accelerator…

It's time you stepped away from the counter—and let your confident advisor step in.

With our level-set training, weekly access and accountability to me, and the ability to cancel at any time…

...this program is basically a no-brainer for any shop owner looking to uplevel their front counter asap. 

Help your advisor confidently connect with your customer in as little as one week 

We spend the first week helping your advisor show up with confidence, and the first 3 months running through an intensive training program. 

At the end—they’ll have the training to confidently connect with customers and close sales consistently.

Sign your advisor up today and start living the benefits a week from now.



per Month for 3 Advisor Seats (saves you $798/month)




per Month for 1 Advisor Seat


*** SPECIAL if you Sign Up BEFORE MIDNIGHT on ***
Monday (April 5th)

  • FREE Lifetime Subscription to my POCKET BUSINESS GENIUS Live Webinar & On-Demand Video Library for shop management
  • One FREE PRIVATE COACHING SESSION with me, you and your advisors to kick the program off right!

Still have questions?

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