Your advisor should be able to run a profitable front counter. 

Without you.


Aren’t there, yet? Keep reading. 


Cause what you’re about to see could very well be the difference between you barely making the same revenue as last year…


…and going $700,000 over your initial goals:

“Time and time again, I’ve seen my advisor go out and confidently upsell my customers when they’ve just come in for a maintenance. 

The customers come back and after talking with them and they're like, ‘Just do it all.’

It was $8,500 worth of stuff, and it was just like, ‘go ahead and do it.’ What the hell? 

This program has definitely paid off.”

          - Benjie Burris, Frog Pond Performance

You know the front counter is where the magic happens.

(Or should happen, rather.)

Yet, despite long hours of training that doesn’t stick…

...hours of missed opportunities and sales

...and constant supervision by you

Your service advisor is still having trouble confidently managing the front counter. And your profit is nowhere near where you want it to be.

You barely have time to get your responsibilities done. 

You don’t need more training hours in a day. 

You need a qualified expert to take the training load off your shoulders.

Because balancing the needs of the shop + putting out fires has you on the fast track to burn out.


I’ve seen it over and over again.

You’re scrambling month after month to help your service advisor gain the confidence to connect with your clients and sell them what they really need…

Trying out so many different methods to train them, but you’re spinning in circles and don’t know what you don’t know.

When you hire someone green, you have to start from scratch. 

Hire someone experienced, and you’re left undoing everything they learned wrong.

It seems like your only option is to:

a) continue stepping in to help your service advisor—despite everything else you’ve gotta do that’s piling up, or 

b) Get as many vehicles through as you can, hoping your advisor can close even a small percentage and you’ll end up making a profit.

You’re not alone.

Hundreds of shop owners around the country are doing the same thing. 


But you opened your shop for more.

You didn’t mean for it to end up like this.

You started with dreams of being the shop everyone could rely on. The one they’d go to when they had a problem.

But somewhere down the line, in the middle of paying bills, ordering parts, and stepping in time after time to train each new advisor you hired…

...you lost sight of the customer and started focusing on your bottom line.

The profit you were losing; the time you were wasting. 

But your dream never died.

You don’t need to be pushy to get more sales. 

You don’t need to babysit your advisor for them to close sales and secure returning customers.

You don’t need to overload yourself OR your advisor with the job description of 3 employees to get the techs taken care of and parts ordered—while managing the most important spot in the store.

What you’re doing right now isn’t sustainable. And working this way will only get you the results you’ve seen in the past.

You really just want to know how other shops are doing it. 

So you can start getting results like them.

The Secret To Becoming The World’s Greatest Repair Shop


There's nothing special about shops that have this down.

At least nothing you can see.

Still, they’re closing their shop each night on time, eating meals with their family and using their weekend to get some much-deserved R&R. 

While you’re getting frustrated over training your service advisor for the 10th time, they’re coming out of their office every now and again to greet their returning customers. 

They’re the leader of their business, while you’re the owner...and anything else that needs to be done.

You have the same type of shop, employees, and hunger to learn—they just did one thing differently.

They focused on the front counter. 

That’s where all the magic happens.

So, what DO you need? 

So glad you asked.

Top shop owners care about their customers’ needs, and you do, too.

 The difference between top auto repair shop owners and those that are still scrambling to get the sales in the door comes down to one place: 

The front counter.

Most advisors see it merely as a place for deals to be made. 

And it’s stifling their businesses. When you treat the front counter as a place to haggle prices, you’ll attract people that want to haggle prices. 

How you see your front counter is how your customers will see it. Is it a place to make deals or where they are able to talk to an expert who will then sell them things based on their expertise?

To get there, you’ve got to stop selling just for the sake of making a profit. 

And you’ve got to start recognizing the value that your shop brings to the counter.

When your advisor shows up as an expert to your customers, 

2 things happen:

  1. You make more sales
  2. Customers feel safe coming to you with their vehicles and you get more referrals as a result

Does this sound like something you want? Let me show you how.


The Advisor Accelerator

The only program on the market that helps service advisors confidently connect with customers, communicate effectively with staff, and consistently close sales.

 And we do all this WITHOUT:

  • Scripts 
  • Cookiecutter solutions
  • Vague instructions
  • Taking up all of your advisors’ time

It’s like the advisor version of my 1:1 and group coaching sessions for my shop owners. 

Designed to get you the same results that those in my coaching programs enjoy.



Weekly Advisor Training (first 3 months of membership)

  • Get access to our exclusive community where advisors can share with each other, get questions answered, and get direct access to Rick's coaching and advice
  • Engaging self-guided training that will motivate your advisor to take action on the principles they learn as they learn them
  • Weekly LIVE Training & Reinforcement Calls with Rick to answer any questions live and hold your advisors accountable to completing the trainings
  • Weekly implementation activities so your advisor can learn by actually doing, and bring their progress to the class to get feedback they can use immediately
  • Over 100 downloadable reference materials so they can take what they've learned with them and reference it at the front counter
  • Weekly knowledge assessments to help YOU track their progress and see exactly what your advisor is capable of so you can use them to their full capacity


Advisor Mastermind (access after they graduate from the training)

  • Ongoing access to our larger advisor community where your advisors can get feedback, direction, and help from other advisors who are implementing the trainings in their everyday life
  • Access to Rick's coaching and advice through the advisor community 
  • Live Membership calls to engage with their advisor community on a monthly basis to celebrate wins, build each other up, and create a feeling of community from people who "get it"
  • Monthly live training calls to build on the skills they gained during the training section of the membership
  • Monthly live question and answer sessions so they can ask specific questions and get support about any issues they're running into at the front counter


Monthly Calls for Owners:

  • Community of shop owners with advisors in the program
  • Review what your advisors have been working on
  • Guide you in how to best coach your advisor to even greater success!
  • Answer any questions you have about the program
  • Address any situations you've experienced with your advisor over the month
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  • Taking the Sleaze Out Of Sales Training
  • Technology Doesn’t Close Sales You Do Webinar
  • How to Win Against Price-Cutting Competitors Masterclass

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Expert trainings trusted by...

Breakthrough shop goals.

With less stress.

John Firm has 700,000 reasons why you should send your service advisors to Rick’s training classes.

“When my lead service writer quit 14 months ago, I was really, really worried that my other service advisor wouldn’t be able to reach our goals by herself. I quit taking off on Fridays and started staying at the shop. 

As October rolled around, I started realizing she was on track to our goal. When November came, I went to APEX without a worry about my business and the way things run. I started feeling comfortable enough to take Fridays off, again. 

At the end of the year, we surpassed our goal by $700,000. I claim a lot of that because the way Rick taught her.

 I can step back. I don’t have to be involved in the day-to-day operations of my business to watch it make money. 

You want to make more money? Do you want your service writers to make you more money? Do you want your service writers to understand how to take care of customers; how to handle problems; how to talk to people; how to read people and understand what they really want? Rick will open their eyes up so they can do that.”

     - John Firm, Firm Automotive


Benjie Burris is happily hands off at the front counter while seeing his ROs increase tremendously and being able to treat his employees better than ever.

Like most technicians-turned-shop owners, we were robbing Peter to pay Paul to cover bills.  But since joining Advisor Accelerator, our average ROs have increased tremendously. Now I can proudly say there’s a good little nest egg stuck back. 

This year we were able to do Christmas bonuses at Thanksgiving, and a paid week of time off between Christmas and New Years. We’re adding other benefits for our employees, and as a business owner, that feels great. 

As far as the front desk goes, I am almost non-existent other than walking onto the other side to sit down with customers and ask how their kids; grandkids are doing. 

I know I can say to my advisors, ‘Hey, y’all take care of it; run it. You know what needs to be done; go do it.’ It’s really nice. If you’re thinking about enrolling your advisors, absolutely do it. You don’t know what you don’t know. Rick’s availability; his willingness to be there to answer questions...that’s spot on. It’s not a bill. It’s an investment and the more you put into it, the more you will get out of it.”

     - Benjie Burris, Frog Pond Performance


Like a virtual coaching program. 

Unlike any virtual coaching program. 


After training thousands of shop owners, I figured that success at the front counter comes from 2 things:

  1. A baseline of knowledge and communication that allows your advisor to set, measure, and reach goals in line with your business model
  2. A network of experts and other service advisors they can reach out to with questions of how to improve—that they then work with you to incorporate. 

Because we know that successful advisors have that baseline and need a network to grow, we've divided our program into 2 Phases:

PHASE 01 -

Training Baseline

We’ll start off making sure everyone is on the same page, taking everything your service advisor needs to know to make the magic happen at the front counter. 

This 3-month process takes your advisor through the cornerstones for making more sales from the front counter:

Advisor Confidence + Key Habits

Here, your advisor will get the attitude and confidence shift they need to connect with your customers and sell. We'll do this by:

  • Running through confidence-building exercises
  • Demonstrating and practicing setting and managing customer expectations
  • Adopting key habits that drive revenue without compromising connection
  • Setting goals that are trackable and attainable

Customer Communication

Your advisors will learn all about connecting with the customers and showing up with the confidence to have the hard conversations. We'll do this with:

  • Techniques to identify your ideal customer and qualify them so they become buyers
  • Tools to work with customer expectations, irrational behaviors, and biases
  • Tips to communicate effectively with many different types of buyers

The Art of Selling

This is the part that we tie it all together and dig into the meat of the sale. Throughout this process, your advisor will see:

  • Key elements that make up a sale
  •  #1 tip for communicating with your technicians
  • The art of greeting your customers
  • The simple trick you need to sell estimates and make a profit on diagnostics
  • How to easily overcome any objection
  • The invoice hack that will not leave any money on the table
  • Advisor Slow Day Plan so that no hour is wasted
  • The profitable system that allows you to follow-up with customers on a regular basis and get recurring referrals in the door

- PHASE 02 - 

The Advisor Accelerator Mastermind

Once they graduate from the orientation, they are able to get involved in the Mastermind community. Your advisor isn’t assigned "homework".  Instead, the advisors themselves make commitments which they become accountable for.


Have a question about a specific customer situation? Your advisor will be able to go to a group of people that get it. They’ll have access to minds and experiences around the U.S. to tap into and gain insights from.


Bi-weekly training calls that cover goals and performance.

These are the only mandatory calls that your advisor will need to attend, but it is highly recommended that they attend as many as they can to get the full value. 


We’ll build on the orientation training and give the advisors the tools they need to implement what they are learning. This is all about increasing your advisor’s front counter knowledge.


This is your advisor’s time to bring their big questions and get my brain on it. 

They can bring live situations to the table and I will clearly provide advice and direction in these calls. 

Questions are answered on a first-come first-serve basis.

Keith went from desperation to confidence.

"I was leery at first because of past coaching experiences that left us with low morale, low income, and desperation.

We did a 90-day trial run to see if Rick could help, and he did right off the bat, so we jumped on board and it’s been great ever since."

     - Keith Dome, Owner, Central Auto Repair and Electric

“It’s a game changer having an advisor go through Rick’s program to become trained. Show up and be open to change and new ideas. I’ve been with Rick and Brenda a long time, and what they teach is a very big part of where our company has gone, even going beyond the service advisor side of things. It’s the whole business philosophy of providing exceptional customer service. Advisor Accelerator was meant to get all of our advisors on the same page — with more of a focus toward the customer; doing what’s right and best for them. It doesn't always necessarily equate to selling the most service, but in working with Rick and Brenda, it’s meant more financial stability, and more confidence in the ability of our company and our team.”

     - Tom Schearer, Schearer Sales & Service

The Advisor Accelerator will help you achieve a sustainable profit—without babysitting your advisor

From the moment your advisor joins, they'll instantly get access to Phase 1. Then every month, they'll get a new section covering topics such as:

  • How your advisor can meet and manage customer expectations every time, instead of showing up unsure and defensive. 
  • Why getting in more vehicles isn’t increasing profit
  • The shift your advisor needs to connect and sell
  • What I did in each of my auto repair businesses to become the most sought-after shop in my area, and how you can, too
  • How your advisor can go from a parts person, salesperson, and expeditor for those in the shop...

... to using those tools to serve one job: delivering what’s best for the client

As your advisor goes through The Advisor Accelerator, they’ll have questions. Lots of them. Which is where the weekly calls with Rick come in.

I’ve spent a lot of time recording videos and creating worksheets that will help your advisor overcome the hurdles they’re facing at the front desk, but sometimes a video just doesn’t cut it. 

That’s why we’ll have weekly meetings to chart your advisor’s performance and tackle some of their biggest challenges on the call.

My clients tell me that access to me is the most valuable resource they have in my programs, and I’m going to extend the same type of support to your advisors.


Hi, I’m Rick White — previous owner of 2 auto shops, and business turnaround & shop growth expert for 30 years. 

I know that how you show up at your front counter makes or breaks your business.

I’ve been there. 

Several times.

After working in my own business and consulting for thousands of other businesses, I’ve found the single most important thing they could do to increase profit almost immediately:

Teach their advisors how to work with the customers, instead of focusing on selling parts.

The changes I’ve seen from that one switch has been incredible, and I can’t wait to help your advisor do the same thing for your business.

Join the Advisor Accelerator today!

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 And we do all this WITHOUT:

  • Scripts 
  • Cookiecutter solutions
  • Vague instructions
  • Taking up all of your advisors’ time

It’s like the advisor version of my 1:1 and group coaching sessions for my shop owners. 

Designed to get you the same results that those in my coaching programs enjoy.

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Plus, when you join today, you get access to…


  • Taking the Sleaze Out Of Sales Training
  • Technology Doesn’t Close Sales You Do Webinar
  • How to Win Against Price-Cutting Competitors Masterclass

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“Well worth me stepping in at the front counter while my advisors trained”

An extra hour every week for your advisor to show up on a call may sound tedious, but this is where the rubber meets the road.

Other courses and membership programs promising to help your service advisor sell better give you tools and scripts. They may even give you access to a coach. 

Few have access to the expert like The Advisor Accelerator does— to get feedback on your business directly.

“I like the group coaching a lot because you have a great support system [with] other people with some of the same challenges, or even challenges that you might not be experiencing today, but you might have yesterday or will be tomorrow.”

  • Jen Rindflesh, Owner, Collinsville Auto

“At first, it was kind of a struggle [to make time for the calls]. I missed some calls and [Rick] called me out. Now I look forward to them.

Every time we do group calls there’s always something that sticks out in that conversation.”

  • Keith Dome, Owner, Central Auto Repair and Electric

Let your advisor run the office.

Whether you’re there, or not. 

See how easy it can be to run a profitable and goal-oriented shop. Sign your advisor up for Advisor Accelerator and get access to:

3-Month Intensive Training 

  • 50+ instructional videos on:
    • Sleaze-free selling techniques
    • Clear communication skills
    • Workflow processing
    • Following-up on work not sold
    • Delivering a “Wow!” experience
    • Goal management
    • Self-motivation skills
    • + more!
  • Weekly accountability calls and trainings with Rick
  • Clear and concise modules
  • Community of service advisors
  • Regular check-ins with shop owners


Advisor Monthly Mastermind:

  • 2 Monthly mastermind calls
  • Monthly live training
  • Access to a community of like-minded service advisors
  • Open office hours 


"Do it! It is worth every penny for your advisor to have this training and insight!"

Cancel Anytime

As a monthly subscription, you can cancel your membership at any time. My goal is to make you so happy with your investment that you don’t want to stop. 

If your advisor is not making improvements, we’ll have a “come to Jesus” talk, and if that doesn’t work—we’ll stop. 

My job is to teach your advisor to connect with your customers, communicate effectively with your techs, and close more sales. 

But I can’t do it for them.

If you find this isn’t the right fit for your advisor, you can stop your subscription at any time—no harm, no foul.

It's time you stepped away from the counter—and let your confident advisor step in.

With our level-set training, weekly access and accountability to me, and the ability to cancel at any time…

...this program is basically a no-brainer for any shop owner looking to uplevel their front counter asap. 

Help your advisor confidently connect with your customer in as little as one week 

We spend the first week helping your advisor show up with confidence, and the first 3 months running through an intensive training program. 

At the end—they’ll have the training to confidently connect with customers and close sales consistently.

Sign your advisor up today and start living the benefits a week from now.


Select your investment option below to get started.

 And we do all this WITHOUT:

  • Scripts 
  • Cookiecutter solutions
  • Vague instructions
  • Taking up all of your advisors’ time

It’s like the advisor version of my 1:1 and group coaching sessions for my shop owners. 

Designed to get you the same results that those in my coaching programs enjoy.


Plus, when you join today, you get access to…


  • Taking the Sleaze Out Of Sales Training
  • Technology Doesn’t Close Sales You Do Webinar
  • How to Win Against Price-Cutting Competitors Masterclass

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Here’s what your advisors will be saying after joining Advisor Accelerator:


“Jump right in and let Rick guide you on the path to success.” 

“DO. IT. Don't even think about it, just do it. Rick knows what he's talking about, and he knows how to get you where you need to be with the knowledge and skillset that you need to get there. It may be scary, but he has been the key to so much success in our shop. I would never be where I am today without Rick, his faith in me and the knowledge that this program has gifted me.” 

  • Samantha, Schearer's Sales & Service