What Is It?

The Sales Breakthrough Academy™ is a revolutionary way to train your Service Advisor to Sell More NOW! It's an intensive 26 Week, self-paced program designed to teach your advisor how to increase sales while creating an amazing customer experience every time!

Just some of the things your Advisor will learn:

  • Sleaze-free Selling Techniques
  • Improved Communication Skills
  • Better Workflow Processing
  • How to follow-up on work not sold
  • How to deliver a WOW experience
  • Goal Management
  • Self-Motivation Skills
  • And so much more!

What Benefits Should You Expect? 

An increase in:

  • Average invoice amount
  • Hours per Repair Order
  • Invoice Throughput
  • Customer loyalty
  • Motivated & happier employees
  • Profits, Profits, PROFITS!

What makes this program so successful?

  • The program is completely ONLINE and SELF-PACED
  • The training is made up of SHORT BITE-SIZED videos easy to watch & revisit
  • Your advisor can participates in LIVE Group COACHING CALLS monthly as long as you own the program.
  • You have LIFETIME access to the Sales Academy Resource Library so your advisor can brush up on skills anytime
  • New advisors can be trained using the same program protecting your investment and reducing the time necessary to train new additions

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